Wednesday, February 18, 2015

B Day: Colonialism in Southeast Asia

Hello everyone!  Yesterday we discussed British imperialism within India under the British East India Company and the British government.  For homework, please read the packet that I have provided to you about European imperialism within Southeast Asia.  Below is a list of questions that you must answer.  Please write the answers in complete sentences within Google Documents.  After you are finished, share the document with me (  The documents must be shared before class begins on Wednesday.

Also, remember that your next test is on Wednesday.  I have provided you with a study guide.  Please begin to prepare for this assessment and email me if you have any questions.  The study guide will be collected on the day of the test.

The questions for the homework assignment are:

1.)  What was the difference between Old Imperialism and New Imperialism?
2.)  After reading the quote in the 2nd paragraph on paragraph on p. 451, how do you think this source demonstrates the beliefs of Europeans at the time?
3.)  What were the main reasons why Great Britain established colonies within Singapore and Burma?
4.)  Where did the French expand in Southeast Asia and why did they expand into these areas?  What kind of government did they set up within these areas?
5.)  Why was Siam the only Southeast Asian state to retain its independence?
6.)  Why did the United States expand into Southeast Asia (i.e., the Philippines) and what issues did they encounter?
7.)  After reading the entire packet, do you believe direct or indirect control was better?  Explain by providing details from the reading.
8.)  Why did many Southeast Asian nations resist American and European imperialism?  What social classes led these resistance movements and why?
9.)  What were 3 benefits and 3 disadvantages of American and European imperialism within Southeast Asia?

~Mr. Mazur

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