Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Scientific Revolution

Hey everyone. The previous class we looked at several absolute monarchs and what they did during their reign. For homework over break, I want you to read pp.623-628 in your textbooks (about the Scientific Revolution) and take notes on each of the scientists.

Have a great holidays!

~Mr. Mazur

Friday, December 17, 2010

Absolute Monarchies

Hey everyone! Today we talked about the rise of absolute monarchies within Europe. For homework, you are to write a song about what life would be like if we lived under an absolute monarchy. You need to hand this in on Tuesday (A Day) or Wednesday (B Day). Remember that you are handing this in, so write neat or type it. Also, I will give some time for anyone that wants to present it.

Also, for the A Day, the extra credit is to write a paragraph writing what is the difference between an absolute monarch and a dictator. You need to research a little on this one.

Lastly, remember that Tuesday (A Day) and Wednesday (B Day) is going to be "It's Good to be the King Day." Please dress up like a king! This should be fun, so don't hesitate to dress up as king-ish as possible!

Have a great weekend!

~Mr. Mazur

Friday, December 3, 2010

Comparison: Latin and North American slavery

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and that Romeo and Juliet is going fantastically! Today we discussed the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. We discussed how Europeans tapped into already established slave trade within Africa. Slaves were sold to the Europeans for guns and other manufactured goods. They then were transported through the Americas (called the Middle Passage), but only 5-6% were sent to North America.

For homework, you are to read the article I gave you about the differences between slavery in North and Latin America. Please read it and make a chart showing the differences between the two.

Also, remember that if you did not hand in the DBQ, there will be two points taken off for each class day that it is late. Remember that this essay is worth 50 points, and if you do not hand it in, you will be at a loss for that many points (which would significantly effect your grade for the worse). So I do encourage you to take the time and get the essay done.

Have a great weekend and break a leg to the cast and crew of Romeo and Juliet!

~Mr. Mazur